Getting started

Schools and kura will have different approaches to teaching Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories – it is about what works for you, your ākonga, and community.

From 2023 all ākonga will start to experience learning Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories as part of their classroom programmes. Everyone is at a different stage of their implementation journey – during 2023 every school is expected to have made a start.

This is a journey for all of us, and there are many in the community such as iwi and hapū that are still working out how they would like to work alongside schools and kura to deliver rich learning.

Resources, guidance, and information will continue to be added to this website.

Where to start for school leaders

School leaders can use the Poutama (a self-review readiness tool) to reflect on where they are now and identify their next steps. The Poutama shows four stages that leaders can work through with teachers and can be found in the Leading Local Curriculum Guides or the two-page implementation information sheet. 

Where to start for teachers and kaiako 

Teaching Aotearoa New Zealand's histories

This module is an introduction for all teachers of ākonga in years 1–10 to the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum structure using the context of Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories (ANZH). It will also support you to enact the ANZH content and embed it in your local curriculum. 

ANZH teaching resources

The teaching resources section has a suite of supporting resources, helpful information, and classroom materials to help you get started. More resources will be added as they are developed.

Some ideas for where teachers could start: