Use these cards to begin planning for including Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories within social sciences.

There are two parts to the suggested process, which takes 2–3 hours (or you can split it over two or more sessions).

Planning together with the Aotearoa New Zealand's histories curriculum cards

Suggestions for facilitating your own planning session

Familiarising yourself with the curriculum overview

  1. Look at the layout of the curriculum content in the ANZH booklet to see how the content is structured and the relationships between the parts. 
  2. Read out each card in the overview and discuss – how does this relate to your current or planned topics?  How do these support students to think critically about the past?
    a. Big ideas (cards 4–7)
    b. Contexts (cards 8–11) 
    c. Do practices (cards 12–14) 

Choosing a meaningful topic and unpacking it within a phase of learning
(03:16– 05:58)

  1. Brainstorm topics that you are familiar with, and could have connections to multiple big ideas.
  2. Discuss the aspirations, languages, identities, and cultures of your school communities, and how your topics relate to these. Think about how you will bring whānau into your planning.
  3. Choose a topic to explore today across each phase of learning; test it – how does it connect with each big idea? 
  4. Focus on one phase of learning per group; identify how each Know and Do strengthen and refine the topic. 
  5. In each group, write down these connections, including activities, resources and people relevant to your topic that involve the inquiry practices.

Bringing it all together and understanding/identifying progression

  1. Discuss how students’ learning progresses across the phases in both the depth of their knowledge, and sophistication of their use of inquiry practises. 
  2. At each phase of learning, do they have a mix of specific information and generalisations? 
  3. How does your local context influence your current plan? Would contrasts to other local areas strengthen any parts of the topic?