In this series of videos, the participants describe:

  • reasons why they moved to Aotearoa New Zealand with their families
  • their experiences and ways they have adapted, as newcomers
  • ways that they maintain and share their culture in their new home.

Teacher support materials can be used as a springboard for multiple areas of investigation.

Use the videos to support learning in te ao tangata | social sciences, including learning about Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories.


Teacher support materials 7–8
TSM New New Zealanders: Years 7–8
TSM New New Zealanders: Years 7–8

Episode 1: Migration

This video focuses on how and why Wendy, Chamara, and Dante came to Aotearoa New Zealand. They share their migration stories, how they got their visas, and the challenges they faced.

Episode 2: Land and culture

Wendy, Chamara, and Dante discuss the similarities and differences between their homelands and Aotearoa New Zealand. They describe their first impressions of Aotearoa New Zealand and the ways they keep their identities, cultures, and languages alive.

Episode 3: Power and identity

In this video, Wendy, Chamara, and Dante explain how they have found ways to adapt and express their identities and culture as new New Zealanders.