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The texts have been chosen because of their links to the Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories curriculum at years 1–3 and not for their reading year level. Depending on your students, you might read some of them aloud or play the audio versions. There is also additional teacher support material that provides suggestions for literacy strategies to help all students access each text. See Literacy Online: Instructional Series

These texts provide a springboard for students to explore:

  • the significance of names of places, people, and taonga
  • ways that stories create a link between the present and the past
  • ways that people value and make use of the environment.

Each text provides a stand-alone learning opportunity, but they can be used together to explore the topic more deeply.

Over years 1–3, students will have many opportunities to learn in this topic, deepen their understandings, and grow their critical thinking about the past.


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Years 1-3

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Teaching Resource

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Steph Matuku (Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Mutunga, Te Āti Awa), Keri Welham, Pātaka, Monique, and Pareraukawa Moore (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Pareraukawa, Ngāti Pare)


January 2021