Below you will find the curriculum content to be covered for Aotearoa NZ's Histories between the Years 7-8.

This content is using the new curriculum framework.



In my learning in Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories, I can:

Identifying and exploring historical relationships

I can construct a narrative of cause and effect that shows relationships between events. By comparing examples over time, I can identify continuity or changes in the relationships. I can recognise that others might interpret these relationships differently.

Identifying sources and perspectives

I can use historical sources with differing perspectives on the past, giving deliberate attention to mātauranga Māori sources. I
can recognise that the sources may not fully answer my questions, and that my answers are themselves interpretations.

Interpreting past experiences, decisions, and actions

I can make informed ethical judgements about people’s actions in the past, basing them on historical evidence and taking account of the attitudes and values of the times, the challenges people faced, and the information available to them.