About this resource

The Dawn Raids story is part of a wider narrative about the settlement and experiences of Pacific people in Aotearoa New Zealand and the exercise and effects of power. Kaiako and ākonga can use this story as an entry point for learning about:

  • the migration experiences and settlement stories of Pacific people 
  • how immigration policy has been used to exclude some peoples and to restrict conditions for entry and citizenship 
  • the social action led by the Polynesian Panthers and other groups to contest power and address injustices
  • our collective and diverse identities as New Zealanders.

The resource provides:

  • a summary of an event and how it relates to Aotearoa New Zealand's histories  
  • suggested inquiry questions and activities to support teaching and learning about our past 
  • curated resources for further information. 


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All Years

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Teaching Resource

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Adele O'Leary


October 2021